Eager Housewife by Evie Rose

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Eager Housewife (Filthy Scottish Kingpins #2) by Evie Rose

My best friend’s dad is advertising for a fake wife with real benefits.

I wasn’t meant to see the advert for a convenient wife. He wants a short brunette with blue eyes (that’s exactly me!) to keep him company, laugh at his jokes (his dad jokes are the best), and be his homemaker. The money he’s offering is dizzying.
The only hitch is: I can’t do the no love bit he requires. I’ve been head over heels for Mr. Blackstone since we met. He’s been my secret crush.

Oh, and the advertisement says in exchange for wealth, the protection of his mafia, and a home in the most glamorous part of London, he wants a free use housewife… And lots of kids.
I don’t have a chance.
My bestie would never speak to me again.
And yet… I want this. I want him.

If you love an innocent virgin heroine, a powerful Scottish mafia boss, instalove, and lots of free use housewife spice this is your next quick, swoony and satisfying romance read.

Eager Housewife – Evie Rose

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