Dynamic Intentions by Liberty Parker

Dynamic Intentions (DreamCatcher MC Next Generation #1) by Liberty Parker – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Hydro, Klaus Fitzgerald, grew up originally thinking he’d be joining the clan of his father and grandfather. When he crossed paths with Julius and Shayne Alvarez, that all changed. Wearing a leather cut with brothers at his back while he battled had more appeal than wearing a three-piece business suit and fighting alone. But the DCMC and change of scenery isn’t the only reason he’s chosen to switch organizations. That is all thanks to a certain bike riding, gun wielding, cut wearing pixie of a woman by the name of Ella. His once best friend whose title has changed. Now, she’s simply known as his. And when she gains new enemies through her career, they don’t just become the club’s, they become his too. Nobody threatens his woman without going through him first. He dares them to try, because his daddy wasn’t a glassmaker, he was a hard as steel Dad who took no crap off anyone, which means Hydro was forged in alloy, and as a result, he’s become a titanium structure.

As Shamus and Star’s daughter, Ella, the only female inducted into the DCMC, which is shrouded in burly and ruthless men, should be the biggest danger she faces. It’s a man vs. man world after all, and when you add a woman into the mix, things get chaotic. Her club is different, she was raised and trained to live this life and fight their fight. They’re accepting, loyal, and protective. She’s used to fighting for her rights, but when she faces a new adversary, a conniving and cold-hearted woman, the plot thickens and Ella’s life is in more danger than it’s ever been when she has a chromed frame nestled between her thighs, and metal grips held firmly in her hands. However, her new enemy doesn’t just want Ella gone, she wants her to disappear, but as a club daughter she’s faced bigger threats than the one this woman poses. She won’t be the one going down.

They may be the next generation of the DreamCatcher Motorcycle Club, but they’ve learned from their elders’ mistakes and they won’t be lenient—they’ll be lethal.

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