Dude Magnet by Gregory Ashe

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Dude Magnet (The Last Picks #2) by Gregory Ashe

You can’t hide from the truth. And apparently, you can’t hide from your ex either.

Dashiell Dawson Dane wants the simple things in life: to live in a (possibly) haunted mansion, to avoid socializing at all costs, and to write, and possibly finish, a book.

Unfortunately, the real world has a way of intruding. And since unfinished manuscripts don’t pay the bills, he finds himself persuaded—against his better judgment—to rent out Hemlock House for a wedding.
Having his ex-boyfriend, Hugo, arrive unexpectedly during the preparations is bad enough. But when Hugo is arrested for the murder of the groom-to-be, Dash seems to be the only one who believes he didn’t do it. And Dash’s efforts to uncover the truth will draw the attention of the real killer—who has a great deal to gain, and nothing to lose.

Dude Magnet – Gregory Ashe

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