Drawn To Darkness by Michelle Heard

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Drawn To Darkness (Kings Of Mafia #4) by Michelle Heard

Poverty is an understatement when it comes to describing my circumstances. My mother is a lost cause I can’t get rid of, and I work my fingers to the bone just trying to keep my head above water.
To ease the stress bearing down on my shoulders, I like to dance. Working as a janitor at a ballet company makes it easy for me to steal thirty minutes at night when the place is empty.

Or so I thought. Just my luck that the dangerously handsome owner catches me red-handed. He thinks I’m a hardworking ballerina, and I don’t bother correcting him… because, you know, I’d like to keep my job.
Dario La Rosa has every girl at the company swooning, hoping she’ll be the one to end his bachelor status. Me? I just want to keep my secret and try to avoid the man at all costs.

But then my mother’s sins burst through my dilapidated front door, and my life takes a turn for the worse.
Turns out Dario isn’t who I thought he was, and the man has the power to not only change my entire life, but to keep me from losing it.
Even though I’m drawn to the darkness coming off him waves, I’m not sure whether I should run or stay.
What would you do?

Drawn To Darkness – Michelle Heard

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