Don’t Look Away by Evelyn Austin

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Don’t Look Away (Legacy of Lies #3) by Evelyn Austin

Sacred Vows.
Brutal Truths.
And a campus king hell-bent on owning me.

This town has become my nightmare, and Roman Rush is both my tormentor and my salvation. I’ve been drawn into his dark world, caught in his snare, and the more I pull against his control, the tighter his grip. I’m desperate to break free, but I have to stay for Bree. There’s a mystery shrouding her that I’m determined to uncover…
As my relationship with Roman intensifies, I discover something that brings my entire world crashing down—a dark truth that makes me question everything I thought I knew about Roman and the Sacred Sons…

Warning: This is a dark academia college romance, and contains themes that may be triggering to some readers. Please check my site for more detailed content warnings. This is the third book in a four-book series, following the same couple, and ends on a cliffhanger.

Don’t Look Away – Evelyn Austin

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