Don’t Forget Me by Kristin MacQueen

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Don’t Forget Me (Maple Springs #1) by Kristin MacQueen

Ten years ago, I turned my back on the town I grew up in and everyone who lived there. I cut ties with everyone. I couldn’t be the woman they expected me to be. Not after my entire world crumbled around me and I was left feeling like a shell of my former self. Now, I’m going back for a job I’m not sure I even want. When I run into the only man who’s ever owned my heart, a flood of memories slam into me. They remind me of why I left and leave me wondering if returning was a bad idea to begin with.
When I get a phone call my daughter is in the principal’s office on the first day of school, I know it’s going to be bad. I don’t expect to find my ex sitting behind the desk, looking more than a little shocked to see me. I didn’t expect our reunion to happen this way. Hell, I didn’t expect us to have a reunion in general, but it seems like we can’t get away from each other no matter how hard she tries.

Don’t Forget Me – Kristin MacQueen

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