Dodging the Magical Curse by Brenda Trim

Dodging the Magical Curse (Midlife Witchery #16) by Brenda Trim – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When a desperate friend shows up at Pymm’s Pondside with a deadly hex and a plea for help, the Backside of Forty embark on a quest that takes them from cozy tea shops to the shadowy halls of the Protectorate Guild.As Fiona, Aislinn, and Violet navigate the perils of the magical realm and the challenges of menopause, they seek the guidance of a gargoyle in their quest for the elusive cure.

But this journey isn’t all wand-waving and potion-brewing; it’s a wild ride across England, uncovering secrets that make their cauldrons bubble with more than just magic.Will they gather the rare ingredients, outwit the witch behind the curse, and save their friend before the Crimson Moon claims its final victim? Find out in this spellbinding tale where midlife becomes a magical adventure, and the real magic lies in the power of friendship – and maybe a well-timed hot flash or two.

Dodging the Magical Curse – Brenda Trim ePUB

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