Devious Vow by Jagger Cole

Devious Vow (Venomous Gods #2) by Jagger Cole – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Once he was my enemy. Now, he’s my boss.
Rich, successful, viciously gorgeous, and sinisterly brutal, Alistair Black is every bit his last name.
Morally black. Inky black heart. Devious black soul.
In college, we were enemies. Rivals. Bully vs bully. I almost ruined his life.
Now, ten years later, our paths cross again when I’m forced to work under him.
And he hasn’t at all forgotten or forgiven me for what I did to him back at school.
Now he’s my brooding, emotionally unavailable boss with the body of a god.
And I’m his plaything.
The target of his malice and revenge. The one from whom he wants to hear “yes, sir”, and nothing else.
Years ago, I thought I was done with Alistair Black.
But it turns out, he’s nowhere near done with me…

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