Devil’s Savior by Ember Davis

Devil’s Savior (Devil’s Saints MC: New Orleans Chapter #2) by Ember Davis – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

APOSTLEThe moment I saw Sioux, I knew she was going to turn my world upside down. And she has, more than she’ll ever know. I had to have her, but when she looked at me all she saw was a bit of fun wrapped in leather astride a bike. That was fine with me because I knew the truth.She’ll never know the fear that gripped me when I saw her bleeding out on the ground months ago. I’ll nurse her back to health while showing her just how much she means to me, even as she tries to push me away. My woman is stubborn as hell, but my stubbornness is only matched by my loyalty—to my woman and to my club.When our enemies think that we’ve let our guard down, they’ll quickly find out just how much they’ve messed up and how far I’ll go to protect Sioux. The Riding Rebels should have never tried to take on the DSMC, no matter who they have at their back. My job as an enforcer sometimes means I have to get my hands dirty, but since my darkness protects my woman and my club, I’ll never apologize for it. She’s my savior and I’m never letting her go.
SIOUXMy best friend has fallen for the bad boy biker from her past and their happiness is beautiful to see. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to fall at the feet of my own biker, even though he won’t leave me alone. We spent one night together, and I figured that would be enough to dispel the attraction to Apostle. It only made it worse, but I refuse to admit it.When my best friend was in danger, I was trapped in the crosshairs. Getting shot changed my life in so many ways, but Apostle has been there as I’ve recovered. Almost everything in my life is back to normal which means it’s time to leave Apostle’s house. I need to stand on my own, but I have a feeling he won’t let me.Do I keep pushing him away? Can I imagine my life without him in it now that he’s been at my side for so long? How can I walk away when those who want to do the DSMC harm show back up and Apostle is willing to protect me with is life? He’s my savior and has earned my loyalty and love.

Devil’s Savior – Ember Davis ePUB

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