Deryn by K. Rea

Deryn (IMMORTAL BLOOD LINES) by K. Rea – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

She avoided fate, until it hunted her down.

A rogue vampire threatened the safety of Deryn’s vampire coven. She was determined to track the vampire down. It left a trail of bodies across the city and local authorities were raising questions, it wouldn’t be long before monster hunters descended on the city to eliminate the menace themselves and anyone else caught in their net. Deryn had already lost her first vampire coven to tyrannical hunters, and she wouldn’t lose another.
Determined to find the vampire, Deryn was close enough she found its latest kill still cooling when a hunter appeared–Liam. His piercing green eyes stared her down as the burn of a mate mark stopped her in her tracks and her senses took a tailspin. Everything in her screamed to get closer to him, to wrap herself in his aura, to claim him. She turned and fled before he could put a dagger in her heart.
With a monster hunter on her trail and unable to track the rogue, time was against her. Every step closer to the rogue brings her closer to the monster hunter. Out of options and running out of time, she agrees to help Liam find his sister if he’ll help her find the rogue before it’s too late.

The hunt is on, Deryn and Liam have to find their prey before they become the hunted. Can they put aside their differences to save the people they love before the city is overtaken? Will they succumb to the burning desire between each other that says that they’re the missing piece they’ve been looking for?

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