Deranged Demons by Mia Hartson

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Deranged Demons (Game of Psychos #1) by Mia Hartson

Rule #1 for a demon princess: Never show weakness.

Dear old dad, the demon king, raised me to be ruthless, cunning, and if I’m honest, a little psycho. Being feared is kind of a necessity when you’re a half-blood royal in a land of deranged demons. I see the males around me as competition or the enemy, and occasionally, a way to let off steam. That is, until one of the males I bed mysteriously ends up dead. Talk about a mood killer.
Things only get worse when the king tells me he’s dying, and the demon clan leaders set their sights on my throne.

If one of the clan leaders rules, it’ll be certain war, but I still haven’t found my fated mates, and without them, I can’t unlock my power. In an effort to find them, the king announces a competition, but he’s invited the unbonded alphas from all five of the allied realms, and now it’s not only demons fighting for my attention—the beast shifters, archangels, giants, and water monsters are arrogant, powerful, and brutal, and they’re all determined to make me theirs.

When my mates find me, you’d think that’d help solve my problems, except two of them are enemies of the realm, and they all have their own motivations for wanting to rule by my side. To make matters worse, not all of the alphas came with good intentions. So I guess it’s back to rule #1: Never. Show. Weakness.

Deranged Demons – Mia Hartson

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