Denver’s Wish by Deanna L. Rowley

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Denver’s Wish (Broken Wheel Ranch #4) by Deanna L. Rowley

Denver Appleton had a reputation when he was in the military. When he was on his SEAL team, it didn’t bother him. Now that he was out, he needed to tell his former teammates that it had been all lies.
Opal Morris first met Denver while carrying out orders, and because he hadn’t been part of her orders, she didn’t treat him nicely. Once they were able to clear the air, Opal talked to Denver about what was going on. They immediately hit it off, but then, for some reason, while protecting herself she suddenly turned cold toward him, and Denver wanted nothing to do with her.
Will she be able to repair the damage she’d done in their early relationship, or did her own insecurities drive him away?

Denver’s Wish – Deanna L. Rowley

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