Delta by Dale Mayer

Delta (K9 Files #23) by Dale Mayer Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Delta is always eager to help animals in need, especially when the request comes from Kat and Badger. Learning the animal is a retired K9 dog, now serving as a comfort animal for other injured dogs, Delta’s determination only increases. However, arriving in town, Delta’s contact has now vanished, and Delta discovers the War Dog is missing as well. Although Delta had looked forward to dinner with the woman he’d spoken to frequently on the phone, he now finds himself entangled in a disconcerting theory that extends beyond just one War Dog.
Rebecca has always had a soft spot for animals, and retired War Dog Gracie has effortlessly found a place in her heart. However, Rebecca’s attempts to adopt her from the center are consistently thwarted. As Rebecca seeks a solution, she stumbles upon something far more sinister, and soon realizes she is out of her depth.

All she can do is hope that Delta comes through for both her and Gracie … before it is too late.

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