Delgano: The Intro by K. Alex Walker

Delgano: The Intro (Angels and Assassins #9) by K. Alex Walker – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When “they” found him, it was in the middle of a Mexican desert burying a body…
Still, it’s not the worst thing Adrían Delgano has ever done during his time as an enforcer for a major Brazilian cartel. Yet, the fact remains that someone took him down with a tranquilizer, abducted him, and then dropped him off in a Moroccan villa surrounded by armed guards around the clock.And he doesn’t know who “they” are.All he knows is that his options are limited:Join a paramilitary ghost squad he knows next to nothing aboutBe auctioned off to law enforcement agencies around the globeBe labeled as a narc and left to face an enemy cartel’s firing squadHowever, the idea of being part of a weaponized, vengeance-seeking, clandestine unit is too tempting to resist.Plus, it comes with perks: million-dollar payouts, access to weapons, combat training, and the villa’s private chef, Sayeda, whose entire identity he’s pretty sure isn’t real.

Yet, he finds himself wanting to be her hero, her protector.Two things he’s never been.Things take a mysterious turn when, while shopping in a Moroccan market, a seer steps into his path and delivers an ominous fate: “It’s through your first love that you’ll find your true love.”Little does Adrían know, although he hasn’t yet met his first love, he’s definitely met his true love—for the first time.

Delgano: The Intro – K. Alex Walker ePUB

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