Death Angel by N.A. Jameson

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Death Angel (Femme Fatale Freakshow) by N.A. Jameson

My name is Evangeline Faithe, and I am a newly fallen angel.

If you’re an angel, I don’t suggest meeting a pack of hellhounds in a bar and demanding they take you home. The fact that a demon hit me with an inhibition spell does little to help my case.
All I know is how to be a soldier, so accepting the offer to join the Femme Fatale Freakshow Assassin Guild is easy.
To my dismay, the hellhounds track me down and claim to be my mates.
Angels can’t have mates, but they make me feel things I’ve never felt before, and when I get a contract that forces us to work together, I begin to question everything I thought I knew about the world.

Outside forces are at work, and more is happening than we realize. Can we withstand the challenges ahead, or were we doomed from the start?

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