Deadmen’s Queen by Elizabeth Blackthorne

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Deadmen’s Queen (Deadmen’s Club #2) by Elizabeth Blackthorne

I was given the chance to escape, and I chose to stay, but will that choice break me, or remake me into something stronger?
As the shadows at Blackvellyn University grow darker, my entanglement with the Deadmen’s Club that claimed me only deepens. Now I find myself irreversibly bound to Hades and his two Death Knights, and their dark rituals have awakened a depraved passion in my soul that only grows with each heated touch.
My heart has awakened too, stirred by the lives and the souls of these men, each bearing their own tortured secret, but in my lonely life, I’ve never known love, so how can I know if they return mine? Love, I’ve learned, can be as binding and dangerous as the oaths we swear in the darkness. My heart, so fiercely guarded before, now belongs entirely to these three men who have claimed not just my body, but my soul.
But as the club rituals grow darker, and I follow willingly down that path, there is another shadow in the darkness. Another masked figure, a predator in the night, hell-bent on claiming what he believes is his. He’s played this twisted game before, and I’m his latest pawn. My men, skilled and ruthless, have sworn to protect me. But the trap is closing, the clock is ticking, and in this game of shadows, the only certainty is danger.

Deadmen’s Queen – Elizabeth Blackthorne

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