Deadmen’s Captive by Elizabeth Blackthorne

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Deadmen’s Captive (Deadmen’s Club #1) by Elizabeth Blackthorne

I never asked for this, whatever they might say.

One moment, I was just another art student and the next, I was plunged into the heart of a secret society at my university, a world cloaked in shadows and whispers. It’s supposed to be a myth, but at the elite Blackvellyn University, it is more than a myth, it’s tradition. The ancient Greeks told the tale of how Persephone was claimed by Hades, the Lord of the Dead, and became Queen of the Underworld.
Kidnapped from the Reaper Ball, by men in skull masks, I was to be their Persephone for the year. They called it an honor, a privilege. I called it a nightmare. Hades and his two DeathKnights have claimed me for their own, and there is no escaping their world. As the year goes on, the rituals I have to participate in become darker, deadlier and sparking a passion and a darkness I never knew hid within my own soul.
As I begin to embrace my own dark desires, shadows arise out of my past to torment me further. The Deadmen’s Clubs might have its secrets, but so do I, and they are about to find out that there is an even deadlier danger lurking in the shadows at Blackvellyn – and he doesn’t like sharing…

Deadmen’s Captive – Elizabeth Blackthorne

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