Deadline To Murder by Delta James

Deadline To Murder (Mystery, She Wrote #4) by Delta James – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A writing convention, a guest list full of secrets, a murder to solve in three days.
Lori Sykes is invited to be the keynote speaker at the writer’s convention in Bleakridge, Maine. While walking that evening she witnesses a chilling murder under the moonlit pier. The victim, a renowned author known for his gritty crime novels, had been brutally strangled.Ryker McKay, a one-man shop, small town newspaper man with a reputation for unearthing hidden truths, is intrigued by Lori’s story and the undeniable chemistry between them. He agrees to assist her in solving the murder, recognizing that this could be the story of a lifetime for his struggling newspaper.As Lori and Ryker delve deeper into the lives and secrets of the suspects, they discover buried rivalries, suppressed scandals, and concealed motives that confirm some deadlines are not meant to be met.
Join Lori and Ryker as they race against time to unmask the cunning and ruthless murderer. Along the way, they uncover shocking revelations that redefine their understanding of love, trust, and partnership.Deadline To Murder is a book in the Mystery, She Wrote series. Four mystery authors meet at a book conference and discover they all live in small towns in Maine. After a fabulous weekend together they decide to form the Mystery Writer’s Murder Club. They meet monthly at a different house to check out cold cases in the area, write, and relax. They soon discover the only thing more exciting than a good murder mystery book is an actual murder mystery.If you like fast-paced mysteries with quirky characters, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love Deadline To Murder.Read Deadline To Murder and get started on an intriguing murder mystery adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end!

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