Dark Protector by M. James

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Dark Protector by M. James

He says he’s saved me from a fate worse than death. But all I see is a future that was stolen from me.
Six months ago, my father promised me to the Bratva heir. My hand in marriage was meant to bridge the violence between our two families–Italian and Russian, mafia and Bratva–and bring peace.
Then my father died.

Now my godfather is my guardian. He believes the Bratva are ruthless animals, cruel and brutal, and that giving me over to them is signing my death warrant. So on my wedding day, he makes a fateful decision.
He takes me for himself.
Now I’m wed to the man who vowed to protect me. Who I vowed to love, honor, and obey. But there’s no honor in what he’s done. I can’t love a man who ruined my life. And obey him?
But our marriage bed can’t stay cold forever. And when forbidden desire finds its way into our marriage, I’m left with a choice.
I can hate the man who shattered my fantasy–or fall for my dark savior.

Dark Protector is a full-length standalone that can be enjoyed in one sitting!

Dark Protector – M. James

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