Dario DeLuca by Sade Rena [ePub]

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Dario DeLuca (Savage Bloodline) by Sade Rena, ML Preston

The first lesson my father ever taught me was that power is the only currency, loyalty is the law, and always take what you want.

When the Mayor of our city begs me to keep his precious daughter safe, I seize my chance to strengthen the DeLuca hold on the town.
I’ll keep her safe, but it’ll come at a price.
Mia Gordan, the sheltered heiress, must become my wife.
She’s a stranger to our brutal world.
A symbol.
A means to an end.
A strategic move, nothing more.
But as I draw her into my shadowed life, shielding her from the ghost of our fathers’ past, I realize she’s more than a pawn. Every defiant glare, every whispered challenge stirs something dark and hungry within me. She’s an enigma, a mystery wrapped in innocence and hidden depths.
Protecting Mia becomes more than duty; it’s a burning need. The deeper we dive into the lies that bind her family to mine, she becomes more than just my wife in name. Mia’s the unexpected light in my dark world.

But can love be our salvation in a life built on blood and deceit, or will buried secrets destroy it all?

Dario DeLuca – Sade Rena, ML Preston

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