Dare You to Ruin Me by Faye Pierce

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How did I end up begging my worst enemy to ruin me forever?
Dimitri Morozov’s bullying has been haunting me ever since I stepped foot into college.Despite being a Mafia princess, there is nothing I can do against his Bratva on University grounds. His frat house rules Harvard.Then, my engagement to one of my father’s lecherous associates is announced, and I think might have just traded one hell for another…

I hate Dimitri, but I hate my fiancé even more. He wants to lock me up, barefoot and pregnant, in his white picket fence dream house – but I just can’t live that life, I know it would kill me.The end of this semester is my final deadline to devise a plan and escape my arranged marriage.My bully’s fixation feels like a blessing now, and his threats to make me his are like a forbidden promise.Would my fiancé still want me if I weren’t the innocent virgin he agreed to marry?Dimitri’s torment might just be my last shot at freedom.

Dare You to Ruin Me – Faye Pierce ePUB

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