Dancing with Daggers by Alessa Thorn [ePub]

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Dancing with Daggers (The Inferno Universe #2) by Alessa Thorn

She was hired to find the perfect heir for a powerful vampire house. It’s a pity that the most eligible candidate is also the sexiest, most infuriating man she’s ever met.

All Zia wants is to use her truth magic to get ahead in life and maybe own her dream apartment in Florence. When a lucrative contract lands in her lap that’s going to give her both, how can she refuse?
She’s going to have to convince the most ruthless vampire heirs that she’s one of them and not get taken out as competition in the process. It should be easy, except Ares Volso isn’t as gullible as the rest of his family, and he’s going to make her job as hard as possible.
Zia isn’t about to let an arrogant alpha hole stand in her way, no matter how smoldering he is. Ares is about to teach her that there’s so much more to him than what he has let the world see…and that he also isn’t above playing just as dirty as her to get what he wants.

This stand-alone novella is based in the Inferno world, featuring a scorching hate-at-first-sight romance, loads of banter, and two MCs that can’t stand to lose. Please note that it does contain violence, swearing, and spicy scenes.

Dancing with Daggers – Alessa Thorn

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