Damaged Gods by Stella Andrews

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When you come across one God on earth, it changes your life.
When you come across two of them, they become your life.
The Constantine brothers.
Two men who should come with a government health warning because they shoot down your principles and tear apart your sanity.
Two brothers who walk the earth and may look like gods but hide the corrupted souls of the Devil.
I have always been attracted to bad boys. It’s my guilty pleasure. Possibly because I am surrounded by the finer things that my family’s billions provide.
However, adventure, excitement, and reckless behavior are what I crave, not respectability, manners, or chivalry.
A chance meeting put me on their path.
A rough kiss, a dirty touch, and whispered words of depravity caught my interest.
I should walk away. I don’t belong in their mafia world where souls go to die.
Twice the pleasure, twice the pain but I only have one heart.
When the promise of acceptable sin is whispered twice, it would take a miracle to save me.

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