Dakkan’s Match by Ella Blake [ePub]

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Dakkan’s Match (Mitran Warlord Protectors #3) by Ella Blake

As the top medical expert on human-Mitran offspring, I’m excited to be sent to the alien planet to help deliver babies, but my shuttle goes down on Mitra and leaves me stranded. When a gorgeous warlord finds me, I think I’m rescued, but my hopes are dashed. We’re both trapped inside a mysterious forcefield with dangerous creatures and poisonous flora. Worse, Warlord Dakkan can’t stand me and I must put my life in his hands to survive.

My dislike of Dr. Sabine Mecon isn’t personal—I just distrust her species’ advanced medical techniques. It’s only because the human females living in my Thrail demanded a human doctor that I invite Sabine to my domain. But now we’re trapped in a sort of contained habitat far from my Thrail with no communication with the outside world. Keeping this beautiful and headstrong female safe is my top priority, but soon I want to do much more than protect her. If our love has any chance to survive, we must learn who created this hidden place and escape before its many dangers consume us.

Dakkan’s Match – Ella Blake

Download Dakkan’s Match by Ella Blake [ePub]

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