Daddy’s Grumpy Cowboy by K.L Mann

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Daddy’s Grumpy Cowboy (Deep Desires #4) by K.L Mann

Elias Masondo is all sunshine. As a billionaire businessman, the thirty-five-year-old doesn’t spend a lot of time relaxing. Only annually, when he takes the month of August off of work to stay at Maple Oak Springs, a ranch in Texas he happens to favor, does he truly escape.
The views, the lake, and the fresh air that typically fuel him take a back seat this summer as Elias finds himself craving the company of a hotter-than-the-sun cowboy.
Meeting Caleb Burke sparks an interest in Elias that he cannot ignore. With that southern charm and grumpy exterior, the younger ranch hand is tempting beyond resistance.

Daddy’s Grumpy Cowboy – K.L Mann

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