Daddy Cupid by Sarah Blue [ePub]

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Daddy Cupid (Love in the Veil #3) by Sarah Blue

What’s a reaper to do when he’s desperate for love?
Help his newfound best friend host an inter-veil mixer to find the cupid of his dreams.
Gloom has had one thing on his mind, and that’s finding his perfect match. The reaper is a hopeless romantic at heart, who has very particular tastes. Imagine his surprise when he finds two cupids that match the exact energy he’s been looking for.
Cupiō and Ladybird have been two idiots in love for far too long, neither of them acting on their feelings. But when the charismatic reaper inserts himself into their conflicting feelings, maybe they can make this work after all.
That is, as long as they figure out who the true daddy cupid is in this inter-veil relationship.

Daddy Cupid – Sarah Blue

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