Cry For Me by Layla Simon

Cry For Me (Tiaki Academy #2) by Layla Simon – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The richest boy at my school made a mistake and he’s punishing me for it.
I never meant to tangle with Zane Beaumont.We’re not the same type of people. We don’t hold the same values. We’ll never move in the same cliques.But when we collide at a party, he makes a mistake, crosses a line—hurts me—and instead of apologising, he morphs into my worst nightmare.
He destroys my reputation to protect himself.He weaponises my one true friendship.He turns the refuge of my new school into a hunting ground, a predator stalking me as his prey.
I never meant to tangle with Zane Beaumont, but it happened.Now the boy would set my world on fire just to watch me cry.

Cry For Me – Layla Simon ePUB

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