Crushing on the Cowboy by Melissa Andrews

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Crushing on the Cowboy (Iron H Ranch #2) by Melissa Andrews

Dean Winters
They call me Mr. Helpful around Iron H Ranch. I’m the guy you come to when you need a helping hand. So it didn’t surprise me when Cole asked me to be a part of the cowboy auction. It helps the ranch, so I’m all for it. What did surprise me was the woman that paid to spend the day with me. Charlotte Benson. My college crush and the woman I ghosted five years ago. She is even more beautiful than I remember. Curves for days and a smile that makes me weak in the knees.
This is my chance to make things right and claim the woman of my dreams.

Charlotte Benson
For the past eight years I have been focused on becoming a veterinarian and opening my clinic and animal rescue. Men and dating have been low on my list. The handful of dates I have gone on just don’t compare to the man that disappeared on me all those years ago. Dean Winters was my college crush. He was the sweetest man I ever met. But our timing was off. When the stars finally aligned and I was going to confess my feelings. He was gone.
So I was shocked to find out he was the cowboy my friends won for me as an early birthday present. One look from his steel gray eyes has me turning into that giggly twenty year old used to dream of being Dean’s girl.

Second chances don’t come very often. I’m not going to let this chance slip through my fingers. By the end of this weekend Dean will be mine.

Crushing on the Cowboy – Melissa Andrews

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