Creatures that Breathe by M L Chambers

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When prey ensnares predator, everyone burns
Burdened with power …He is known only as the Spymaster. A male with no name, no face, certainly no conscience. He thrives in the shadows as the realm’s foremost secret stealer. Emotion is something he discarded years ago, making him one of the most clear-eyed, ruthless, and least known members of the Kingsguard – a band of deadly warriors cursed to crave revenge.
Charged with survival …A lesser creature on the brink of extinction, Leni’s dealt with onerous males her entire life, sold by her father, betrothed to a depraved prince, forsaken by the king. Now, with an enemy hot on her tail, she seeks the only immortal capable of protecting her, not knowing how intensely she’ll be drawn to the steely spymaster.Neither can resist the desire searing between them, but every second spent together edges them closer to a fate far worse than death …Featuring a tormented anti-hero, a cunning heroine, and a tangle of powerful creatures in a world where Zeus and his children are always watching, Creatures that Breathe is the first of an interconnected series with a happily ever after.

Unexpected You – Chelsea M. Cameron ePUB

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