Crazy Psycho by Kristine Dugger [ePub]

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Crazy Psycho (RBMC: Omaha Chapter #3) by Kristine Dugger

After losing both my parents and being a single parent to my little brother, my motto is live life to the fullest. What I didn’t expect was that motto to come back to bite me in the ass. Now I have to decide whether to fight for my happiness or to run to keep my brother safe.

They call me a hot head. I call myself a fighter. My club is my family. I don’t do relationships or commitment. It only takes one woman to knock me on my ass and question myself. But things aren’t as they seem and being happy may be out of the question.

Crazy Psycho – Kristine Dugger

Download Crazy Psycho by Kristine Dugger [ePub]

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