Craved By the Shadow Demon by Celeste King

Craved by the Shadow Demon (Demon Lord’s Little Human) by Anne Hale, Celeste King – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’ve been falsely accused as a murderer.And my saving grace comes in a deadly form.My life is ruined…Until a demon comes to save me from disaster.He’s a monster. A killer. A beastly creature.I don’t like what he does.But I love the way he makes me feel.There’s no stopping him.He’s evil. He does what he wants.Yet, he wants to help me find the truth.And he wants to find a way into my bed.I shouldn’t let him.I can’t fall for someone like that…But my heart calls out for him.I already know it’s too late for me.Because he doesn’t have to force me…I’ll give him anything he wants.

Craved by the Shadow Demon – Anne Hale, Celeste King ePUB

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