Crave Me by Leia King

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Crave Me (Twisted Torment #3) by Leia King

We’ve been through the fire.
Now we’re being dragged into hell.
The enemy came after my heart.
Now they’re coming for my kingdom.
Their empire is already in ruins.
But there’s no victory to be had.
Not without them—Skylar, Caleb, Bastian.
I’m supposed to be their protector.
But it’s all come crashing down.
I won’t let them fall.
I’ll bring them back to me.
Even if it means making a deal with the devil.
There’s no price too high.
There’s no world for me without them.
Betrayal abounds.
Secrets unravel.
The enemy thinks they can break me, break us.
They’ve made a grave mistake.
And they’ll never survive it.
I’m Caspian King.
They all bow to me.

Crave Me – Leia King

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