Court of Dragons and Ruin by G. Bailey

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Court of Dragons and Ruin (Dragon Crown #4) by G. Bailey

My dragon kings are lost in another world.
This world is ruled by wolf shifters…and gods.
After beating Aphrodite’s tests in each of the courts, she sent Arden, Grayson, and Lysander to another world. I have to figure out which world to travel to before the magic of the staff disappears. With help from an unlikely ally, I travel with two of my mates to this new world, only to find it is the original home of the gods.
The titan king himself has woken up and he might be the key to every secret my father ever had.
Two worlds are in trouble, and I need to get back to the spirit court before it’s too late for Emrys.
Arden, Emrys, Grayson, Lysander, and Terrin are my mates. My future. My dragons. I can’t lose any of them…
The gods want a dead princess— but I was born to be a ruling queen of Ayiolyn.

Court of Dragons and Ruin – G. Bailey

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