Courageous Demands by Ginny Sterling

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Courageous Demands (Flirt’s Battalion) by Ginny Sterling

A second chance, an unexpected demand, and a desperate promise made in haste…

Alec Beckett, true to his name, was a witty and sharp-tongued smart-aleck. The girl who had once broken his heart was now before him again, and he still wanted to run away from that pain he never forgot. He prided himself on his sense of honor, but Willow challenged it with every breath she took… even now.
Willow Rushman knew this was no ordinary moment to let slip by. She seized the opportunity to engage in a battle of words, even though the timing couldn’t have been worse. After all, wasn’t Alec supposed to rescue her? Yet, instead of a knight in shining armor, he resembled more of a toad in tinfoil. Then, in one fateful instant, the barriers between them crumbled, revealing a connection they couldn’t deny.

Was this rekindled romance more than either of them had bargained for or was it just what they both needed to find redemption – and love?

Courageous Demands – Ginny Sterling

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