Cool Girl Summer by Amber Eve

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Cool Girl Summer by Amber Eve


Summer Brookes is about to do just that. Inspired by a disastrous New Year’s Eve, a box of old diaries, and a woman who may or may not be her Fairy Godmother, Summer realizes she’s wasting her life in a dead end job, and that she hasn’t achieved a single one of the ambitions she had as a teenager.
She didn’t kiss her high school crush. She didn’t travel the world, and become a famous singer. She didn’t overcome her fear of flying, ride a motorcycle, or meet Taylor Swift.
But now all of that’s about to change.
In a moment of drunken spontaneity, Summer impulsively books a one-way ticket to Spain, where her high school crush, Jamie, is now running a bar. While she’s there, she’s going to do all the things she never did when she was thirteen; she’s going to break free of her safe-but-dull life, and she’s going to start living a life without regrets.
Oh, and she’s also going to kiss Jamie Reynolds. For real, this time.
There’s just one problem. His name’s Alexander Fox, he’s in the seat next to her on the plane, and he’s the grumpiest man in the world: so it makes perfect sense that he’d be staying in her hotel too, wouldn’t it?
Can Summer shake off her new nemesis Alex for long enough to track down her first love and live the life she’s always wanted? Or does fate have something else in store for her?

Cool Girl Summer – Amber Eve

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