Cooking With Magic by Lisa Oliver

Cooking With Magic (Hellhound Collar #4) by Lisa Oliver – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

“I would never hurt you… Please don’t flinch like that. You need to come with me, that’s all, and for that I need to touch you.”
Hellhound Faron wasn’t expecting anything when he went to his local diner for a meal before heading home. He might have privately hoped that he could catch sight of his favorite chef, Patrick, but the food was worth eating anyway. What he doesn’t expect, when he’s finished his meal, was to find Patrick sitting in a rusty truck at the back of the diner parking lot, with tears and bruises covering his face. Faron had to do something.

“…when I went to get out of the truck, the coma kicked in. This is all a coma-induced dream. It’s amazing.”
Patrick Duncan didn’t expect his favorite hottie from the diner to find him crying in a rusty truck, and he definitely didn’t expect to collapse in a coma-dream straight afterward. But that had to have been what had happened to him. How else could he find himself in Scotland, having a wonderful meal and being taken on a walk to find a magical tree?
Dreams quickly became reality and Patrick has a lot of adjustments to make, finding out he’s the mate of a hellhound. Shadow puppies aside, Faron still wants to deal with the man responsible for Patrick’s bruises. Unfortunately, that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. And what was the message Patrick’s dead Mom trying to send Patrick in relation to his magic? Magic that Patrick didn’t think he even had.

As with all of my stories, your HEA is guaranteed. It’s not imperative to read the other books in this series before this one, but it helps to get a handle on the secondary characters that populate these pages.

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