Cook by Anja Barrons

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Cook (The Ridge MC #4) by Anja Barrons

Kidnapped and trafficked, Maddie clung to the enforcer when The Ridge MC stormed the old mill. To protect her, Cook will face his past sins and a lethal deal with the Mafia.
As part of motorcycle club, I’ve hidden plenty of bodies. Guns are part of life, and there’s nothing scary about blood. There’s only one body that still haunts me—the first I buried.

Daddy, my own personal four-letter word. It terrifies me when that’s the name Maddie gives me. She’s not relenting though, so I’ve gotta become the Dom she needs.

As Maddie and I are moving into my rundown childhood home, Prez calls church. Turns out our border guards intercepted a trunk full of arms heading to the cartel. The acting Don is already hot on our tails, but this brings us face-to-face with a Mafia capo bent on taking over La Famiglia.
Someone is bound to end up dead. But when it comes to protecting Maddie, I will jump in front of any bullet.

Cook – Anja Barrons

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