Convince Me, Viscount by Kate Archer

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Convince Me, Viscount (A Very Fine Muddle #6) by Kate Archer

A Debonair Lord and a Dutiful Lady

Charles Bennington IV, Viscount Darden, only son of the Earl of Westmont, is the happy-go-lucky founder of the Young Bucks Club. His club’s motto is shenanigans, mayhem, and tomfoolery, and that’s exactly what he’s been doing as his five sisters made their debuts in Town.
It has been very convenient to have all eyes turned to his sisters. Unfortunately, the last of them has wed, and now he finds those eyes turning in his direction.
He is no fool and knows his sisters have come up with plans and schemes to marry him off, but he doesn’t know what they are. Since Miss Mayton is involved, he can assure himself that they are ghastly.
Feeling hunted from every side and suspecting everybody in London is in on the plot, Darden narrows his eyes at every lady he meets.

Convince Me, Viscount – Kate Archer

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