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Controlled (Cruel Kings #2) by Piper Stone

She was an enigma, as innocent as she was beautiful. But one taste would never be enough.
I was the merciless Don of the Saint family, the title handed to me by my older brother. Our family was notorious and dangerous, running Chicago with iron fists. I had no conscience, no sense of humanity, crushing my enemies like bugs.
No one could soothe the beast. Then a beautiful ballerina crossed my path, her vulnerability calling to the savage in me. Unable to get her off my mind, I took her as mine, the sweetest possession in my collection. Now, she’d only dance for me. But my desire quickly turned into a darker obsession.
Refusing to take no for an answer, her cries of pleasure ignited me. And every time I took her over my knee, painting her bottom a blushing pink, I was reminded of the monster I’d become. But there was no going back.
Soon, I’d break her, bending her to my will. Only then would she become my complete salvation.

Controlled – Piper Stone

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