Colt by Susan Fisher-Davis

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Colt (Men of Clifton, Montana #39) by Susan Fisher-Davis

For twenty-six years, Colt Monroe worked on the Cotton ranch. When it was sold, he was surprised to find out that the new owner was Chelsea Hawkins, a former coworker from his younger days. They never got along because of the crush she had on him, when she was only fourteen and he was twenty-one. Now, seeing her as a beautiful woman, he couldn’t deny his attraction but didn’t want to risk losing his job if things didn’t work out.

Chelsea had always harbored feelings for Colt, but they constantly clashed, and she realized it was his way of keeping her at arm’s length. However, now that she was a grown woman, her desire for him was stronger than ever. But Colt maintained his distance, afraid of jeopardizing his job.
When she discovers that he’s keeping a secret from her, Chelsea is hurt that he didn’t trust her enough to confide in her. Will they be able to move past their reservations and trust each other?

Colt – Susan Fisher-Davis

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