Cold Nights & Cryptids by Duckie Mack

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Cold Nights & Cryptids by Duckie Mack

Jesse loves working as a receptionist, but often feels overlooked and ignored by coworkers. When an opportunity comes up to spend a week on a Bigfoot hunt as part of a team-building exercise, he jumps at it. He loves camping and the outdoors, so even if it’s with people from work, it seems like the break he’s been needing.

Reed is the golden boy of the company. He’s charming, handsome, and everyone likes him. Almost everyone. Reed is a total city boy with painted nails and perfectly coiffed hair. Camping is the last thing he wants to do.

Jesse gets his hopes up for a quiet trip when he doesn’t see anyone from work, until he spots Reed, the last person he would want to be stuck with. But when he sees how nervous and scared the golden boy is, he reluctantly feels protective of him.
Off the grid and in the shadows of a legendary cryptid, how far will their team-building exercise go?

Cold Nights and Cryptids is a stand-alone novella with coworkers to lovers, cuddling for warmth, and tall tales to take home.

Cold Nights & Cryptids – Duckie Mack

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