Coaching Prince Charming by Hayden Hall [ePub]

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Coaching Prince Charming (Arctic Titans of Northwood U #7) by Hayden Hall

He’s my first and only crush. He’s my new coach. Oh, and he was once my dad’s teammate and best friend.
I’ve been in love with Nate Partridge since I can remember. Under my mattress, there has always been a stack of magazine covers with his bare torso and a pearly smile. But that’s about the extent of it.
I can never have Nate Partridge. He is a straight guy and twenty years my senior. Neither of which is a dealbreaker for me, but he disagrees.
When a hockey accident forces him to retire, he takes the freshly vacant job of coaching the Arctic Titans. And my life takes an unexpected turn for the better.
Nate is the only person who has ever truly understood me. Where my father’s ambition dictates my every waking moment, Nate’s kindness and compassion make me feel like there’s more to life than hockey. Dad’s disregard for my passions makes Nate’s encouragement only sweeter.
And my crush reaches all new heights. Especially when I discover his deepest secret.
Nate Partridge is not straight.
But do I stand a chance? To him, I am nothing more than his old friend’s kid and a college freshman he’s in charge of training.
If I want Nate Partridge, it will take more than hope to make this real.
It’s time to shake things up in my life before I can make him mine.

Coaching Prince Charming – Hayden Hall

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