Claim Her by Lena Little

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Claim Her by Lena Little

Any hope of spending my whole life alone disintegrates into dust the moment I see her.
A sudden ache of longing knots in my chest, possessiveness clawing in my gut.
Zara is undeniably beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.
It’s more than that.
Something draws me to her—unexplainable, intense, terrifying.
The desire flaring deep within me catches me off-guard, unmooring me in ways I didn’t know possible. She’s fire in my blood, fire I can’t extinguish.
I cannot afford a distraction, though, not right now when my brothers and I are close to tracking down dear old Uncle—the monster who scarred us for life and harmed countless others.
See, Zara is innocence and sunshine, and I’m … I’m at the opposite extreme.
My life is an endless cycle of fury, revenge, and trauma. I want her to have no part in any of this. She deserves someone who doesn’t have my past and my demons.
But whoever that non-existent guy is, I’m probably gonna end up smashing his skull.
After all, I am no stranger to violence.
He won’t be the first life I take.

Claim Her – Lena Little

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