Chev’s Mate by Invi Wright

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Chev’s Mate (The Female #4) by Invi Wright

Chev’s been dreaming of his mate since the moment he learned he’d have one. Most shifters find their mates in early adulthood, but Chev wasn’t one of the lucky ones. He’s thrown himself into work while he searches, becoming alpha of the bear shifters and the leader of the Seekers’ organization, but he hasn’t given up hope.
Vanessa doesn’t want a mate. After spending years at the mercy of violent ogres, she’s determined to live the remainder of her life free of men.
When she accepts a job offer to work at the Seekers’ organization, she’s ecstatic to have something that gives her life purpose. Everything is panning out exactly as she dreamed, but it all crumbles when Chev learns who she is.
Vanessa must make a decision—run away and deny her bond to Chev, or face her fears and accept fate’s calling.

Chev’s Mate – Invi Wright

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