Checked Out By the Chupacabra by Wendi Gogh [ePub]

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Checked Out By The Chupacabra (Monstrous Meet Cutes #5) by Wendi Gogh

CHECKED OUT BY A MONSTER—sounds hot, right?
Except I’m not the type anyone ever gives a second glance to, let alone is interested in. The only thing guys check out from me are the books in the library that I oversee.
But every day, the same Chupacabra comes back. At first, I think he’s just lonely as he prowls behind me as I work, asking me questions.
Then I realize he can’t read.
Knowing his job depends upon it, I offer to teach him, reading stories aloud to the sweet monster. Everything is great until he brings me The Tentacle Kama Sutra and Monster Orgasms with a wink, silently daring me to open them—and like an idiot, I accept the challenge.
Now the damned man won’t leave me alone. He’s always lurking behind my shelves…
Chasing me.
Charming me.
Cherishing me.
It’s almost like one of those monster romances I secretly read alone at night—but those stories are labeled fiction for a reason.
Will I continue to hide behind the pages of my book, or will Chente prove love isn’t just make-believe?

Checked Out By The Chupacabra – Wendi Gogh

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