Charmed By Apollo by Alicia Montgomery

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Charmed by Apollo (Gods and Beasts #2) by Alicia Montgomery, Adilyn Andrews

Apollo, God of the Sun, has always coasted on his charm and good looks. Women fawn over and chase after him, and he’s never been one to say no when a woman offers him no-strings-attached fun. But when he meets wolf shifter Geri Anderson, their passionate encounters leave a lasting impression on him. He wants more than a fling, but she refuses to acknowledge there is more between them than just a fun romp.
Shifter Geri Andersen doesn’t want to be tied down, especially not to an immortal god, even if the sex is amazing…or how he makes her feel like no one else has. She tries to forget about their hookups, but when tragedy strikes, only the God of the Sun can help her find a way to make things right, so she reluctantly asks him for help.
As they journey to find a way to beat death itself, their attraction grows, as do their feelings for each other. But Geri refuses to give into her emotions, and Apollo can only take so much rejection from the first person he’d come to care for in a very long time. Can they complete their quest while keeping their emotions in check, or is heartbreak inevitable?

Charmed by Apollo – Alicia Montgomery, Adilyn Andrews

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