Charmed By a Wily Lass by Amy Jarecki

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Charmed by a Wily Lass (The MacGalloways #6) by Amy Jarecki

Thrust into the role of Viscount Berwick, Kenneth arrives in London to investigate the true cause of his brother’s death. The man might have died in his bed, but Kenneth does not agree with the doctor’s findings. As the new viscount begins to piece together the last days of his brother’s life, he doesn’t expect to be bamboozled by Lady Modesty MacGalloway nor does he want the lass impeding his quest.
All her life Modesty has been underestimated because of her flaming red hair and face full of freckles. When Viscount Berwick thinks her daft enough not to notice when he “borrows” her diamond hair comb, she is determined to get it back. But once she learns his reason for the theft, the tide turns. Intrigued by a chance to prove her worth, Modesty offers Kenneth an ultimatum he cannot refuse. One that unexpectedly leads down the path of danger—not only to her person, but to her heart.

Charmed by a Wily Lass – Amy Jarecki

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