Chained by K.L. Steele

Chained (Blackstone Gates #2) by K.L. Steele – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I wanted her gone.
Our breakable, defiant, human mate.
I wanted to run her out of Blackstone Gates never to see her again. That was until the last night she spent with us, and now she is missing.
Taken from right under our noses by a being who has hated our family for centuries.
I want to destroy him. The need to feel his blood running through my fingers is strong. But even I know it will not be that easy. Not with him.
It will take sacrifice to get her back, a sacrifice all of us are willing to give.

I was hunted.
Falling prey to both the men who forced their way into my soul, and to the being who is hellbent on revenge.
He wants to hurt them, to watch them suffer at his hands. He craves power, and I am his golden ticket. Or so he tells me.
But something he has no control over is the fates, fates that have a different path carved out for me.
I become intertwined in the web of secrets and lies, finding allies in places that I least expect it.
If I make it out, my life will never be the same.

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