Celenk by Honey Phillips

Celenk (How the Aliens Were Won #5) by Honey Phillips – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A cynical alien, a weary woman, and a secret mission…
Disillusioned by the war, Celenk now uses the skills he learned for profit. He takes whatever jobs are offered, no questions asked. Infiltrate a remote farming community to gather information? No problem. Finding someone to act as his mate is a little more difficult – until a quiet little waitress catches his eye.Lottie is tired of low pay, long hours, and the drudgery of her life in the city. When one of her customers offers her a chance to escape, she doesn’t hesitate – even if means pretending to be madly in love with a huge reptilian alien.They know very little about each other, but the more time that they spend together, the less their relationship feels like an act. But Celenk still has a job to complete, one that means betraying the female, and the community, he’s beginning to love…

Celenk – Honey Phillips ePUB

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