Catch a Kiwi by Rosalind James

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Catch a Kiwi (New Zealand Ever After #6) by Rosalind James

Breathe, smile, and move on.
When you’re writing the next chapter in your rags-to-riches-to-rags story, you need about a million quotes like that. I might have been short on inspiration, but I had determination. That was it, except for a very young cousin and a very old campervan, but I was all about starting over. Nobody knew me in New Zealand other than a series of café and motel managers, and anonymity suited me fine. Manlessness suited me even finer.

Until the day when that campervan rolled down a South Island hillside in a tropical cyclone and trapped my cousin Delilah inside, and an extremely rude stranger helped me get her out. Now, I had no campervan and possibly even less inspiration. I still had determination, though. Determination not to let one Roman D’Angelo, no matter how rich or bossy he might be, run my life or mess with my inner peace. I was serene. I was independent. I was in control.
I was in so much trouble.

Catch a Kiwi – Rosalind James

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